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TLV - Low Velocity Evaporators

LV- Low Velocity Evaporators are engineered for positive low air movement and even temperatures throughout the refrigerated space, while maintaining desired humidity conditions. Features a cleanable, durable textured aluminum cabinet, corrosion resistant fasteners, low speed plug-in motor/fan assemblies and a positive sloped drain pan assembly.

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• Compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants

• Heavy gauge textured aluminum cabinet construction resists scratches/corrosion and minimizes weight for shipment, installation and service.

• High-efficiency PSC motors.

• Specially designed for quiet operation - ideal for prep. rooms.

• Capacity up to 37,000 BTUH nominal.

• Dual refrigeration coils with two-way air distribution reduces air velocities to minimize product dehydration.

• Reduced operating charge with 3/8” OD tubing

• Spacious end compartment allows for easy component installation.

• Attractive and durable high - density poly propylene fan guards.

• Hinged drain pan provides convenient access for cleaning.

• Terminal board allows for easy electrical connections.

• Refrigerants R407A, R407C, R404A/R507, R22 and R134a.

Optional Features (Factory Mounted):

• EC motors with patented SmartSpeed® Technology 

• Factory mounted solenoid valve, TXV and Thermostat.

• Optional fin materials 

• Optional coil coatings

• Other options available - consult factory

  • High and Medium Temperature Applications
  • 28°F and above room temperatures
  • Air, electric and hot gas defrost models
  • R407A, R407C, R404A/R507, R22 and R134a
  • Available in 10 sizes from 6,000 BTUH to 37,000 BTUH at 10°F TD, R404A
  • 115/1/60
  • 208-230/1/60
  • 100/1/50
  • 200-220/1/50